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To guide you on your journey, over many trails…
to overcome any obstacles, you encounter on your way…
to show you how to find that wisdom deep within…
so that you and you alone, can make that journey home.

How Life Coaching can benefit your Professional Journey

Promoting a culture of wellbeing in your organisation as well as prioritising wellbeing amongst your employees is integral to the success of your organisation’s mission and key to creating a thriving workforce.

Life Coaching can be an invaluable tool in improving internal thought processes, enhancing work performance and empowering your employees to reach their full potential.

It can also be used as a safe space for your employees to build self- confidence, learn effective communication skills and improve relationships.

Life Coaching in a corporate setting can also work to inspire and enhance an effective work/life balance and improve the wellness and health of your employees in the long-term.

Here are just some of the wide-ranging benefits that Life Coaching can harness in a corporate environment:

  • A greater sense of direction and clarity.
  • Improved goal setting and decision-making skills.
  • Increased level of individual and team motivation as well as overall productivity.
  • Enhanced employee loyalty and retention.
  • Better and more efficient work/life balance.
  • Reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety in the workplace.
  • Aids in building rapport amongst colleagues and teams promoting diversity and inclusion.
Catriona Kennedy corporate coaching

Empower Your Team Today

I provide a range of corporate programmes which can be customised to align with your company’s ethos and values as well as your teams goals and objectives, including one to one coaching sessions, monthly courses or specially customised programmes.

Catriona Kennedy corporate coaching

Some corporate coaching agendas that may resonate with your team:

  • Customised wellbeing programmes.
  • Energy audits.
  • A guide to manifesting your goals.
  • Tools to unlock your professional development.

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