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Catriona Kennedy Life Coach

Taking account of what matters

Every day, we invest in improving our health and wellbeing through exercise regimes, gym memberships and healthy eating plans. We regularly make steps towards a better lifestyle by investing in commodities like clothes, holidays and social pursuits. However, we often forget how to invest in ourselves, in a meaningful way through our own life management.

I can support you with the tools and resources you need to take account of what matters the most, your life.

Catriona Kennedy Life Coach

Meaningful change today, for a better tomorrow

Life Coaching With Neuroscience

Coaching with Neuroscience allows me to connect with my clients by creating an environment of trust and collaboration so I can help them to understand and fulfil their purpose in life. It promotes a whole system wellness approach, working to align all aspects of our inner guide including our head, our rational brain, our heart, our emotional brain and our gut, our intuitive brain. It builds life-long skills in problem solving, self-listening and healing.

It takes account of the world we live in today as well as the ancient wisdom we have always lived by, so we can fulfil our personal and professional development in line with our future needs, challenges and opportunities.


Your Life Audit is a business and brand specialising in one-to-one personal life coaching, corporate coaching and coaching for schools and groups. It aims to empower you with the tools and resources you need to unlock, achieve and maximise your personal and professional development and fulfilment.  

one to one life coaching

One to One Coaching

Having a meaningful agenda that you want to work on as a starting point, is important to ensure you get the most out of your life coaching sessions.

Corporate Coaching Ireland

Corporate Coaching

Every organisation has requirements and goals, please contact me and we can discuss your vision and come up with a plan that serves your requirements.
School and Group Coaching

Schools & Groups

Please contact me directly and we can discuss programs I have available that will align with the values of your school/group.

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